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Study method courses at Ready Steady Study!

Study Method Courses

Study method courses at Ready Steady Study! offers parent and child a running start from Gr.4. Preparation for high school and opportunity for the late bloomer, our study methods are here to help in achieving optimum matric results.


Using creative study methods and mnemonic techniques makes studying fun and enjoyable. Courses take place in small group discussions, aiding to additional aspects, crucial to successful studying. These include time management, stress management, SMART goal setting and favourable study environment.

Education professionals serve parents and children by presenting courses and workshops countrywide.

Have no fear, we come to you! Our presenters are available to present study method courses in many parts of the country.

Courses for parent and child

Discover each child’s unique brain dominance, preferred modality,
i.e. which sense-organ functions the strongest. Discovery of the child’s intelligences and influence on learning. Learn about the brain – how it remembers and forgets, and how to help it.

All study methods, strategies and techniques are practiced under supervision. Discover the value of time management, planning, goal setting and a healthy study environment and of course, preparation for tests and exams.

Brain profiles and individual learning profiles are done on request according to a standardised test. Furthermore, specific attention is given to auditory-, visual- and kinaesthetic learning.

Courses for teachers

The current South African schools context shows a great need for re-training, and in some cases, first hand training of teachers. We have a team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic presenters who are exposed daily to the trials of education.

It is our endeavour to train the teachers of South Africa in the use of a series of creative methods. Thus, increase the assimilation of the lesson content as more intelligences are addressed. The course is practical and integrates study methodology, the amazing importance of pictures, how to address a variety of learning styles and how to give good summary notes.

Further aspects like how the brain works, methods of lesson presentation, the class room as a study environment and memorising as the end product, are addressed in the course.

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