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Millsupp provides maize, wheat and feed milling machinery for Bloemfontein, the Free State and South Africa. We have more than 13 years experience in the grain and feed milling industry. This makes us the best choice when you need new machinery or replacement parts for machinery you currently own.

The products we supply include:

  • Maize and Wheat Milling:
    • Cleaning Machinery
    • Milling Machinery
    • Packaging Machinery
    • Storage Systems
    • Transportation Equipment
    • Auto & Exract Control Systems
    • Spare Parts
  • Animal Feed Milling:
    • Cleaning and Aspiration Machinery

    • Milling and Mixing Machinery
    • Pelleting Machinery
    • Packaging and Storage Systems
    • Transportation Equipment
    • Automation Systems
    • Spare Parts

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