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DawMak Business Facilitators. Training & development

DawMak Business Facilitators. Training & development

DawMak Business Facilitators


We, a vibrant team of business facilitators professionals bring exciting motivational talks. Training & development events and services to your needs.

Motivational talks

We all need to hear words that propel us towards our true potential and help us to reach unexpected heights. DawMak offers eloquent and well researched motivational talks.

Customised to fit your requirements, our talks have an individual and collective benefit. Your organisation can benefit on a per members basis. Expect a positive change in goal setting, focus and productivity within your team.

Book us today for your team building ice breaker, key note address or motivational session.

Below is a sample of a few of our recently crafted motivational talks:

No retreat – No surrender
This motivational talk inspires one to never accept failure. To use setbacks as steps to positive achievement.

The Practice of Evolution
This is unlike Darwin’s theoretical views on evolution. Here the importance of updating / improving themselves and the organisation is made aware to the audience. To search and strive for continued relevance, survival and success.

United we stand
No organisation can succeed without its team having a common goal. Differences in priority, focus and opinion have destroyed great causes and powers.

World class sporting teams, great armies and international corporations alike have suffered this. We show how diversity, used as a strength, can benefit collective achievement.

Training & development

DawMak Business Facilitators offers training workshops, seminars and other professional development programmes. For corporate, public service, NGO and educational sectors. Our workshops and seminars are available in public sessions or in-house at the premises of the client.

Many of our associate professionals are accredited as both facilitators and assessors.

Our training workshops include:

  • Business Writing Skills
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Customer Care
  • Supervisory skills
  • Corporate Governance
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Lean Six Sigma and Lean Management
  • Financial Management
  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Public Service Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

We also offer:

  • Medical Workshops and Seminars
  • Educational Workshops and Seminars

If you are after quality and value-based personal or organisational enrichment, look no further! Do not settle for mediocrity. Make the wise choice! DawMak Business Facilitators

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